Hardshell Tonneau Cover Power Pop Kit


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The Power Pop Kit is designed for HARDSHELL TONNEAU COVERS ONLY!

Power Pop Kit makes your Tonneau Pop like the trunk of a car.  Upgrade your Tonneau with this simple installation kit.  This Keyless Entry Kit comes with a timed light output, 2 key fobs.

This unique modular design allows the keyless entry kit to be added to any cap or tonneau without the need to remove or readjust the tonneau. By simply pushing the unlock button on one of the two include key fobs will pop open the tonneau and turn on the optional 12 volt light for five minutes. The key fobs also have the ability to turn the light on or off when needed. All the included wiring harnesses utilize one way plugs for a quick and simple installation, no need to cut and terminate wires, just apply 12 volts.

Additional Features

  • Fits any Fiberglass Tonneau Cover
  • Includes Installation instructions
  • Simple integration to 12V supply
  • Includes, cables, rotaries latches and rotary brackets

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