Pop & Lock

Question: How do I know which model fits my vehicle?
Answer: Click on the “Select Your Vehicle” button on the top right side of the home page to enter your year, make and model.
Question: Where do I find installation Instructions?
Answer: Visit our Installation Instruction Library page, enter your part number and select the version that you need, or find them linked on the specific product page.
Question: Is there a shop near me that can install the product?
Answer: Visit our Dealer Locator page to find a local installer. If there is not one listed, google search “Truck Accessory Shop”. Most accessory shops are familiar with Pop & Lock products. 
Question: How can I order replacement keys?
Answer: Visit simplykeys.com to order Pop & Lock replacement keys. 
Question: Can I order a replacement actuator?
Answer: Yes, visit the accessory page and find which actuator your model will need. An application chart can be found on the product page.
Question: I need technical help?
Answer: Each product comes with installation instructions that are important to read but if you need additional assistance, send us a message through our Contact Us form and select “Technical Support”.
Question: Do you have installation videos?
Answer: Check our our YouTube Channel for some install videos, otherwise if you search your part number on YouTube, there are many videos that have been created by our partners or other end users.


Simply Keys

Question: How can I order replacement keys?
Answer: Visit simplykeys.com to order replacement keys. 
Question: I need replacement keys for my toolbox but don’t know the key code?
Answer: Most key codes will be stamped on the face of the cylinder.
Question: I need replacement keys for my Red Push Button Weather Guard box but don’t know my key code?
Answer: Pop the cylinder out and the key code will be located on the side of the cylinder. For further assistance, contact Weather Guard at 800-456-7865
Question: I need replacement keys for my 1Key Ultra Toolbox.
Answer: You will need to know your code from your previous key to purchase replacement keys. The 1Key Ultra box utilizes a codeable lock and therefore the code is based on the key it was coded to and is not identified on the cylinder.
Question: What if I don’t know my key code for a 1Key Ultra Toolbox?
Answer: You will need to order a new lock set from Weather Guard if the cylinder has been coded and you don’t know the key code.