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What do we strive for as an organization?

To be the global leader in locking security products designed to protect freight and cargo for the transportation industry.

Vehicle Security Innovators, LLC

Vehicle Security Innovators, LLC (VSI) is the parent company to four strategic business units focused on custom security and maintenance solutions for the transportation industry. Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin and originally founded in 1948 as Vandersteen and Sons, VSI’s goal was to provide lock and key services to the locksmith industry. In 1989, our services evolved to assembly of automotive and truck locksets for the domestic OEM production environment. By the end of 2004, VSI became the main supplier of locksets for the North American Heavy Truck market. In 2011, VSI acquired Pop & Lock, the industry leader in aftermarket tailgate lock solutions for pick up trucks. Then in 2013, Freight Defense was started, whose mission is to protect medium and heavy duty fleets and owner-operators with innovative security products designed to minimize theft, improve safety and keep freight moving. 



VSI Security Solutions

VSI Security Solutions has been an industry leader in lock and key services for over 70 years. VSI designs, produces and sells locksets and key products to all major domestic truck manufacturers and their international affiliates for production and aftermarket.  VSI also supports truck fleets and manufacturers of construction equipment, tool boxes, handles, and latches. The VSI team offers customers specialized services and a personalized experience that is second to none.  Our approach to project delivery utilizes lean principles and continuous improvement practices to reduce risk, improve quality and deliver your projects on-time and within budget. 

Pop & Lock®

For over three decades, Pop & Lock® has been the world leader in aftermarket security products for your truck adventures on and off the road! Pop & Lock® provides a variety of manual and power security products for your truck’s tailgate, tonneau cover and truck cap to create a secured storage space in the bed of your truck. Pop & Lock® also offers security products for the Jeep, powersport and cargo management markets. Lock your world with Pop & Lock®.

Freight Defense®

Freight Defense® is focused on being your single source for medium and heavy duty truck security products. Along with heavy truck cab locksets and keys, Freight Defense® also provides trailer hasp & seal protectors, padlocks, tool & battery box latches, anti-siphon inserts, locking DEF caps, replacement locksets & keys, the Air Safe® air brake lock and the Cargo Safe® power deadbolt lock for cargo vans and roll up door trucks. As the aftermarket division of heavy truck OEM supplier VSI, Freight Defense® benefits from over 70 years’ experience in the trucking industry. Our ability to design and assemble products in-house ensures we fully control the quality of our products, and we can offer unique security hardware solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Simply Keys

Simply Keys mission is to provide our customers with an easy solution for unbranded replacement keys. Vehicle Security Innovators has over 70 years of experience in the lock and key industry, which gives Simply Keys the resources to cut keys to your specific key code. All housed in the same facility, we are able to collaborate with each other to find a solution that fits your replacement key needs.