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Catalytic converters are one of the most widely stolen items from an unattended vehicle. With the right tools, a catalytic converter can be stolen in less than a minute and quickly becomes a costly repair that can exceed $1500. While a standard car typically only has one catalytic converter, larger vehicles have between 2 to 4 catalytic converters, which makes them an ideal target for thieves.

With the CAT-RAP™ protecting your fleet vehicles, thieves will think twice about the time, noise and effort it will take to remove. Designed for anyone to install, the CAT-RAP™ will confuse, frustrate and help prevent against catalytic converter theft.

  • INCREASED SECURITY: With the CAT-RAP™ protecting your vehicle’s catalytic converters, thieves will think twice about the time, noise and effort it will take to remove. Designed for anyone to install, the CAT-RAP™ will confuse, frustrate and deter catalytic converter theft.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: Designed with all stainless steel components, the CAT-RAP™ resists corrosion despite being exposed to the harshest of vehicle environments.
  • UNIVERSAL & INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Compatible with many vehicle platforms, the CAT-RAP™ can be easily installed within 30 minutes on a wide variety of vehicles regardless of the catalytic converter’s orientation. It’s unique design creates individual security loops through each channel of the security plate making it difficult to defeat. Optimized cable length provides flexibility for wrapping techniques while installing. Featuring new bolt-holding adaptor plate and installation bit. No drilling or welding needed!
  • DESIGNED IN AMERICA, MADE IN AMERICA: The CAT-RAP™ is designed, manufactured and built in America to ensure a high quality product and fast delivery times.

Common Questions:

Question: Is it really universal?

Answer: Yes. While many products on the market are vehicle specific or limited, The CAT-RAP is designed to fit most catalytic converters no matter the size or orientation. As long as the cat is exposed enough to be stolen, it is exposed enough for it to be secured. Ideally, you would like a nearby frame rail available on the underbody to secure to.

Question: Can’t the pipe be cut on either side of the CAT-RAP?

Answer: Yes, the pipe could be cut further away from the CAT-RAP  however, if it is installed correctly, the security loops that go around the frame would prevent the cut section to release from the vehicle.

Question: Can’t a thief cut through the cables?

Answer: This is a theft deterrent. The purpose is to frustrate and buy time so that the thief moves onto an unprotected car. IF a thief does try to cut it off, it will take a considerable amount of time while causing significant  noise because they will need to cut through each security loop secured around the cat and the vehicle frame. This is why it’s important to make as many loops as possible.  While the wrapping strategy is limitless, it is highly effective to use a mix of tight and loose wraps.  Please make sure the cable does not interfere with, pinch or hang lower than any critical drive train components, heat shields, wire harnesses, etc.  See Wire Wrapping Strategy in our instructions.

Question: How hard is it to install?

Answer: It will take about 20 min per CAT-RAP to install properly. It would be easier to access the underbody if the vehicle is lifted or on ramps.  If utilizing ramps, please be sure to utilize wheel chocks for safety purposes.

Question: How is it installed?

Answer: See installation instructions. Quick take – 2 lengths of steel cable are wrapped around the catalytic converter and the vehicle frame up to 20 times creating individual security loops. These loops run through the channels on the security plate which are then tightened down and covered from access.

Question: How much does it cost?

Answer: Website MSRP – $175.95, will also be available on Amazon and other purchasing  channels


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