Codeable Padlock


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The codeable padlock is designed to utilize the ignition key of your current vehicle. Shipped without a set of keys, you simply insert your vehicle key into the lock cylinder and it will automatically memorize the key permanently thus eliminating extra keys on your key ring.

  • Thousands more key codes than a standard padlock
  • 6 plate tumbler sidebar prevents picking, bumping
  • 2″ body and 2″ x 9/32″ shackle for heavy applications
  • Automotive grade, weather-resistant shutter
  • Larger cylinder makes it more secure


  • Inside every codeable padlock is an automotive grade lock cylinder
  • When you insert your key, spring-loaded plate tumblers move until they are matched exactly to your key
  • The lock learns your key on its first rotation with the use of a side-bar pushing individual code bars onto corresponding tumblers, permanently matching the tumblers to the key
  • When the key is then removed the side-bar engages the case and it is then in the locked position
  • When the key is turned again, the side-bar disengages the case and it is then in the un-locked position

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