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Pop & Lock Catalytic Converter Security

August 2, 2022

For over 3 decades, Pop & Lock has developed the best security products for the automotive aftermarket to protect tailgates, truck caps, cargo management and so much more. Now, as automotive accessory theft skyrockets, Pop & Lock is ready to combat a new rising issue – Catalytic Converter Theft.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, catalytic converter theft has risen 1000% over the past several years and has become a notable issue throughout suburbs and cities alike. Catalytic converters are targeted for their precious metals and scrap value, but Pop & Lock is trying to put a “wrap” to that.

The CAT-RAP™ (PL9800), a simple yet effective theft deterrent, will cause thieves to think twice about the time, noise, and effort it will take to defeat. Unlike alternative solutions on the market, its patent pending, universal design allows for flexible installation regardless of the vehicle platform or catalytic converter orientation. Made with all stainless-steel components to withstand the harshest of vehicle underbody environments, the CAT-RAP™ creates up to 20 individual security loops/wraps around the vehicle frame and catalytic converter.

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