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The Cargo Safe – Freight Defense Flips a Manual Task with Automatic Security

July 17, 2019

Freight Defense, single source for medium and heavy duty truck security products, gears up to release their newest theft deterrent series for cargo vans and roll-up door delivery trucks. The Cargo Safe offers increased cargo security and asset protection at a cost-effective price point.

As concerns over cargo theft and asset tampering increase, fleet managers look to find reliable and time-saving solutions. The Cargo Safe will feature remote control locking technology combined with a patent pending mechanical locking design. It will offer configurations for box truck roll-up doors, cargo van swing and slide doors. The Cargo Safe is an excellent theft deterrent for OEM manufactures, fleets and up-fitters looking to maximize the security of their vehicles and high value cargo. It will also provide delivery personnel ease and peace of mind over the security of their assets.

The Cargo Safe provides a solution and add-layer of security to a growing problem for work truck industries.  “Our mission is to help educate and address security issues and cargo theft by developing products based on our fleet relationships,” said Jeff Pierquet, Vice President of VSI. “The Cargo Safe product line was a direct response to our customers looking for a high quality, effective security solution at an affordable price point.  From food and beverage delivery companies to HVAC and construction contractors looking to protect tools and equipment, The Cargo Safe is an excellent solution.”

About Freight Defense

As the aftermarket division of heavy truck OEM supplier VSI Security Solutions, Freight Defense benefits from over 70 years’ experience in the trucking industry. Our ability to design and assemble products in-house ensures we fully control the quality of our products, and we can offer unique security hardware solutions tailored to specific needs. Parent company, Vehicle Security Innovators, has been recently highlighted by the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing private companies in America, and subjecting its aftermarket companies to similar success.